We care about your health

What do we offer?

As a member of Epital Health, you will on a daily basis register information about your COPD og Asthma health condition through some simple measurements. We will follow the health status remotely, and ensure that we are aware of potential exacerbations. In case we see risk of an exacerbation , we will contact you promptly to help you prevent a decline in your health condition. In other words – we are there to secure your health.

Our unique services

Remote monitoring

Constant – daily monitoring of your reported numbers.

Virtual consultation

Screen consultation with health staff whenever the need is there.

Home treatment

Minimize the need for transportation to and from GP’s and hospitals.

Start-up help

Get started with the Epital Health soltuion, at your own pace and without leaving home.

Personal coaching

Professsional advice targeted your plans and needs.

Overview and reporting

Total overview of your health development to yourself and your nearest family.