Remote monitoring

Constant – 24×7 monitoring of your reported numbers.

We have doctors and nurses, who will monitor your health conditions 24×7 every day of the year. The data that you monitor daily are transferred directly to us, in order for us to monitor and react on the measures as they appear in our system. We utilize modern technology such as artificial intelligence on the data we receive with the purpose to have these technologies help us to help you. This is the reason that we need your data frequent as possible, also when you thrive. If we receive your data every morning and evening, we have a solid foundation to help you. This is all about you helping us helping you.

Virtual consultation

Screen consultation with specialized health staff, when the need is there, or when your data tells us to contact you.

No matter when you have a need to talk to health staff at Epital Health, you may call or we can setup a virtual meeting whenever it suites you. We will contact you if we see there is a need to discuss your health development. If your numbers for instance shows a development that potentially could result in an exacerbation that you still haven’t paid attention to yourself, then we will contact you to prevent that potential exacerbation to set in. This is all about your well being.

Home treatment

You will have acute medicine kit at home, and we can help you take the needed medicine without you having to leave home.

In your starter pack you will have your acute medicine, which is only to be used whenever we start a treatment that involves medication. This mean that we can start instant treatment, if there is a risk of exacerbation. You will save many important hours, since there will be no need to contact GP, issue prescriptions and finding your way to an open drug store. Everything you need is at your fingertips when you need it. It is all about your convenience.

Start-up help

A skilled member of staff at Epital Health will visit you at home and help you get started with the equipment.

You choose whether you wish to use available video instructions to start-up at your own, or if we should visit you and provide the needed instructions on the devices, as well as showing you how to own monitor your health. When you become a member of the Epital Health you will receive a starter-pack with a small tablet that, with a simple push on the screen, will connect you to the Epital Health solution where we are ready to support you 24×7. You will also receive devices to measures your own health data from start. It is all about our need to make it simple for you.

Personal coaching

Professsional advice targeted your plans and needs.

As a member of Epital Health you will gain access to leading coaches to secure your mental well-being. When having COPD or Asthma, it is not only a question of securing your medical health, since many struggles with related anxiety, stress and depressions. The mental coaching service can help you on these issues.

Overview and reporting

Understand your own health through your daily measures and get the tools to improve it where possible.

You will have full access to all your own data in an easy to understand format. This allows you to follow the development of your own health status. Even though COPD and Asthma are chronicle diseases it a often possible to improve your medical as well as the mental well-being, but it requires that you understand what works for you. You will therefore be able to monitor your own development and compare with other anonymized members to learn what works for them and through that for you. You will furthermore have the option to include your nearest family or friends to monitor your data with the purpose to help them help you. It is all about understanding your health conditions and what works for you.